Six Foot Remote Controlled Replica of RMS Titanic


The collectors of nautical artifacts will be delighted to see this artistic 6 foot replica of remote controlled RMS Titanic.  It’s an absolute authentic miniature model of the original – Quite an unbelievable artistic feat!

It seems it takes 400 hours to assemble this model which is made of some 300 artistic pieces made of cedar, fiberglass, maple and mahogany. Molded plastic has been used only for windows, railings, doors etc. Replica of RMS Titanic looks as majestic and magnificently decked as the original design. It even has small life boats on board. So it is indeed perfect reproduction and true connoisseurs won’t mind paying a large sum for it. And surely as this one comes with power of battery and remote control so it won’t sink like the original Titanic. Also its more authentic looking than Lego Ferrari Model and Gun replicas.

Titanic sunk and took away many lives but it still lives on through the tales of survivors, the movie and such aesthetically perfect replicas. It might someday be recreated in original dimensions and may set out to cruise again. But till then Titanic design will get immortalized through these perfect replicas.

For true History buffs and ship artifacts, this replica is available for $2500 at Hammacher Schlemmer.