Hot is ON, Cold is OFF: Cool ON-OFF Mug


How often do we buy things based on how useful they can be? More often than not, it is about how attractive it looks and how much it suits us. So much so, that we even have our own personalized coffee mugs. Let us all take a moment to look at a different mug, a very normal looking mug, just like any other you would have seen, but it’s also the magical mug! The HOT beverage goes in, and the mug turns white showing, the word “ON” written on it.


When the mug is empty or the beverage is cold, it turns black with the word “OFF” written on it. Amused? Wondering where it can be put to use? It is a mug that makes complete sense; at least as far as the utility goes. This mug warns onlookers that it has a hot beverage inside due to its sensitivity to heat although it isn’t sensitive to the dishwasher. That makes this mug the perfect kitchen ware to have in houses with young kids.

Well, if a mug with your favorite artist, your favorite quote or cartoon character can be used, this mug definitely can be used too. If you are looking for other cool Coffee accessories, then check out the Coffee Cup power inverter for traveling gadgets.

Via: Charlesandmarie