27 Father’s Day Gift Ideas of Cool Gadgets and Fun Stuff

Father’s Day is just as important as Mother’s Day, so here we made a tribute to the Fathers of the world with a great compilation of Father’s Day gift ideas including different cool gadgets, tech products, fun toys and other great finds for you to choose from.

World’s Smallest Foosball Table


Many men love playing Foosball, and this nifty little game is probably the world’s smallest version. It may not be small enough to fit in your pocket, but it could still be convenient enough to take on a travel trip with the family.

Mini Foosball Table

Clocky Alarm Clock


This is a great alarm clock that will make Fathers have to run after in order to turn off. As it rings, the Clocky alarm clock can pop off of the nightstand and drive to a hiding spot, thus making the victim have to get up and look for it in order to turn off the madness.

Run Away Alarm Clock

Spy Camera Tie


Those Fathers who are very protective of their sons and daughter would take this spy gadget any day. It is a mini spy cam that is embedded into a Tie, allowing anyone to record with a remote control without individuals even noticing.

Spy Cam Tie

Classic Video Games Tie Design


Retro looking tie designs that bring the old classic video games to life such as Tetris, Space Invaders and Pong. Any Father will remember growing up on these games and may like to have a retro fashion tie.

Video Game Ties

Guinness Baseball Cap with Bottle Opener


It is not unlikely to see many men wear Baseball caps during the Summer and all year round, but this specific cap includes a bottle opener, so you have another excuse to drink. Now you don’t need to carry a bottle opener with you, for this Guinness branded baseball hat includes one for all your drinking needs.

Baseball Cap Bottle Opener

Digital Touchscreen Poker and Blackjack Table


The Fathers could finally get together and play Poker or Blackjack on the nights their wives allow in a Hi Tech gaming table with LCD screen, touchscreen capability and hopefully a reduced amount of cheating. Any Father would love such a table but may have to require all of the children to put together the amount it costs.

Digital Touchscreen Poker Table

Denshoku LED Wristwatch


A cool looking wristwatch that will definitely make you different than the rest. The time is displayed on the bright LED bards in threes stages, kind of making you work to tell the time but also innovative.

LED Bar Digital Watch

Bacon Wrapped Wallet


This wallet is not made of real bacon, for it will be too greasy and could be stolen too easily, but it is still true to the theme. Dads who love Bacon in the morning probably couldn’t resist having a wallet fashioned after the good All American breakfast food.

Bacon wallet

Bear Suit Sleeping Bag


Scare your children or provide a wild roar as you lie to sleep in this sleeping bag that could also be seen as a full sized bear suit. It could be the perfect camping companion and probably the closest you would rationally allow yourself to get to a true bear.

Camping Sleeping Bag Bear Suit

Nascar Helmet CD Player and Radio


Nascar is one of the most watched Sports, and this could be because people are just waiting for the crash. If your Father is a Nascar fan, then this great CD player could allow him to have a little memorabilia without to many bells and whistles.

Nascar Helmet CD Player

Heineken Beer Guitar Amp


Who doesn’t love beer? Ok, let me rephrase that…what Father doesn’t love beer? This mini Heineken Beer keg is not filled with alcohol but with wiring and tech that could allow the musical Fathers a cool way to stay off the bottle and stick to another love…Music.

Heineken Beer Keg Amp

Solve Sleeping Problems with the Sleeptracker Watch


The Sleeptracker Watch studies your sleeping patterns as you go to sleep and goes off when you are closest to a waking state. Here is how it works: As you wear the Sleeptracker watch, it learns the different patterns of your sleep, noticing when you are at a deep sleep and when you are close to a waking state.

Based on a window you set to wake up in (for example, between 7-8am), the Sleeptracker watch will ring anytime during that window of opportunity, when it notices you are closest to a waking time.

Sleeptracker Watch

Wireless Cellphone Charging


All of us have so many gadgets that include our cellphones, smartphones, PDA’s, MP3 Players and much more. With all the different cool gadgets we have, each has its own set of wires, adapters and more to allow it to charge properly. Wildcharge have created chargepads that including their adapters for each gadget allow for wireless charging. Now after a long day of work, your Father can come home and instead of having to plug a number of different wires, he could simply lay his gadgets on a chargepad to do the job for him.

Gadget Charge Pad

Pi Symbol Tie


The Geeky dads would simply love this geeky tie design. Fathers could now roam free with the Pi Symbol apparent and stamped right on a fashion tie, so they could be proud of their Geekiness and look good while presenting it.

Pi Tie Design

Weights Shaped Alarm Clock


This alarm clock will make some Dads get a short workout right as they wake up. The dumbell alarm clock can be set to require the sleeper to do a specific amount of reps to the clock in order to turn off the ringing.

Dumbbell Weights Alarm Clock

Personal Steak Branding Iron


Every man loves his steak done his way and would just love this branding iron. With it, any chef could customize a word or short phrase and make sure that their steak is known as their steak without any mistake.

Steak Branding Iron

RC Flashing Hand Sign


Fathers would just love this Remote Control Hand signal, for it would allow them to display a number of different hand gestures with a push of a button. With the different hand signs provided (including the famous middle finger), this is a cool gadget any Dad would love in their car.

Flashing Hand

Cube Electronic Game


I never really liked clothes when I was younger and preferred different games. I’m sure that many Dads would love some logic games to keep them occupied this Father’s Day, and this Interactive cubed game may be a cool source.

The game provides different puzzles and symbols on four separate electronic cubes that must be put together correctly to move to the next task.

Interactive Cube Game

Cruising Beer Cooler


This great cooler is an actual functional scooter, so when carrying your beers, sodas and other refreshments, the load is not too heavy. Simply pack the cooler, sit on it and drive to your destination

Cooler Scooter

Delete Key Fly swatter


Computer savvy and nerdy Fathers would love this fly swatter for it will allow them to delete pesky flies with a cool home accessory that is shaped like the ever so popular Delete Key.

Geeky Fly Swatter

Pool Beer Pong


Those Fathers who love beer and enjoy a good game of Beer Pong would enjoy this poolside accessory which allows many to play the famous drinking game right by the pool. Please remember to drink responsibly and especially by the pool.

Poolside Beer Pong

Laser Golf Putter Club


Any Father would love to improve their putting game, and this golf putter has a laser beam to help your aim. Some may think it is cheating and others may think it is smart practice; either way, it is a practical golf gadget for any Father that likes to hit the green.

Laser Golf Putter

Coffee Cup Power Inverter


This is a cool gadget that all Fathers would love, for it is a power inverter disguised as a coffee cup. Now you could plug in this coffee cup into the car lighter and charge two gadgets with the two AC plus, and it also has a spot for a USB.

Coffee Cup Car Light Charger

The Amazon Kindle DX


A perfect gadget for the sophisticated Father who loves to read at his leisure time. The Kindle DX model provides a larger screen than the previous models and even text to speech for the few lazy Father who want the books or news read to them.

Amazon Kindle DX

Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet


For the coolest Fathers who ride a motorcycle, this motorcycle helmet offers Bluetooth communication. With this, you could still keep in touch with your loved ones but remain focused on the road with both hands remaining on teh bike at all times.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Black Tie MP3 Player


An elegant and sophisticated looking MP3 Player for the executive Fathers among us. It is tiny, simple and fits nicely at a Black Tie event.

Executive MP3 Player

Headplay Cinema Experience


Some men love movies and video games, and the Headplay experience could enhance your experience tremendously. Headplay offers futuristic looking cap and shades which allow to connect to your favorite cinema device and provide an increased visual experience.

Headplay Cinema

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