Aromatic Colorful Pacman Light Cap for Home Bulbs


Gamers, geeks and Pacman fans wanting to give their home interior and lighting a makeover have yet another interesting option to make lights look trendy and geeky with minimal effort. Check out this aromatic silicon O! cap for eco-friendly bulbs. Best part is these caps resemble Pacman. So Pacman fans can put these awesome caps on boring bulbs and have Pacman glow in all rooms.

The Pacman O! Caps come in different colors and fragrances. There is orange color cap with mandarin aroma, green cap with fresh lemon grass scent and one can also get purple one with cherry blossom fragrance. So a gamers den will literally have refreshing Pacman glowing in corners and emitting scents too. It would be quite a surreal experience to play a game in such an ambiance.

Geeky designs are in vogue and rightly so. Gaming characters, gadget logos and motifs are so colorful and artistic after all. One can also check out geeky RSS and other lampshades or the caps for the geeks themselves – Pacman Caps. Even non-geeks would be enticed to get these minimalist and stylish stuff.

Via Hometone