Chewing Gum Wrapper Sized Mini Spy Camera


Spying gadgets are getting smaller and interesting, such as can be seen in this Chewing Gum Wrapper Sized Mini Spy Camera. This thin small gadget can record both audio and video and has some amazing features such as micro SD card slot with up to 8 GB memory.

Chewing Gum Wrapper Sized Spy camera can record with a digital resolution of 640×480 in AVI format. One can use it on a sly for all kinds of spying and even surveillance. In fact it can be hidden right inside chewing gum wrapper itself. This is real thin geeky spy camera and it comes just for $56 each. One can order whole sale and get discount too.

Geeky spies can also try Spy Camera Hidden in a Cap or Spy Cam Tie. Spying seems to be in vogue. Just get hooked on to this new hobby and record the world around you on a sly. The world would look different and interesting. You can be new geeky James Bond out to unravel some hidden truths.