The Tetris Hat


It is time for another Tetris fashion accessory on Walyou, and this time it is the Tetris Hat, made out of wool. The artist Neko-daewen had a tough time making it look completely like the game itself on account of running out of black wool and had a tough time also with people not being able to recognize that it is actual Tetris beenie. The Tetris beannie adds to the list of Tetris fashion accessories we have been writing about on Walyou, please make sure to take a look at all of them.

However, all the Tetris fans out there, I am sure will agree that it does SO completely show the game, especially considering the fact that it would have definitely been hard to knit the shapes of those bricks in wool, with all those colors. I am sure the artists efforts will not go to waste, this Tetris Art would definitely be appreciated by some.