Sony Unveils Motion Sensing Controller for PS3


In a video uploaded on You Tube, one can see how cool Sony’s new motion sensing controller is. The controller seems like it is either based on Wii or inspired by it. The motion sensing controller has been launched specifically for PS3 and may be competing with Microsoft’s Project Natal as well.

The controller comes with a number of buttons but the main highlight or the feature is the flashing orb in the front which mimics your movement and helps you control action. It triangulates your position and syncs motion with action on screen.

The video reveals the various functions and features of the controller which not online lets you play the usual shooting and other games but would also let you do things that you otherwise could not have imagined. What I really find cool is the ability to use the controller as a marker even though that and rarely be used in games. You could make swinging actions and hit balls on the screen, punching actions to punch people’s faces, flash swords by just waving the controller and even play tennis!

Technology is fast changing and it shouldn’t be a surprise if a day arrives when we don’t even need motion sensing controllers and at just the snap of a finger unbelievable things could happen. There is no information about the price or its availability but it was unveiled at the E3. We may perhaps expect it in a few months, hopefully.

Thanks to Oded for the tip!

3 thoughts on “Sony Unveils Motion Sensing Controller for PS3

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  3. HorusInExile.

    Just FYI this product has not been launched. What you are seeing is a tech demo of a prototype from Sony at E3. It uses a combination of Wii type tech and Natal type tech with the PS eye tracking the glowing sphere on top of the wand and accelerometers in the device. The hardware is prototype and will change before release, no software exists yet (except tech demos) and the earliest it will be launched is sometime in 2010.


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