Colorful and Cool Lampshades from CMYK Design


I really like these new CMYK lampshades from Soner Ozenc, and the have some remarkable products on display, such as this set of flat back lamp shades as one of his newer ventures. These lampshades are quite amazing and they pack with a bunch of colors, and you can mix and match at any time. For the uneducated, CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black). These lampshades are made of laser cut acrylic and have to be assembled at home. The assembly LOOKS fairly simple and there is a diagram provided. Take a look


Though I somehow think that once you actually start assembling, all these pictures will make no sense. That is the case with most assembly pictures. Anyway, as the picture shows, it ships flat, so that is definitely a big bonus and if you plan on shifting, you can always carry the lamps with you.

This is how they look once they have been fully assembled


Here’s the thing though, they look so pretty when you put them up, that I don’t think you would WANT to shift once you assemble them. Here is a picture with the lamps on some ceiling. Though, I must admit, most houses don’t have this kind of space, but if you could do this in your house, then I don’t think you’d shift anyway.

This is how they appear on an actual ceiling. Notice how the light is all in concentric circles (the little rings of light on the ceiling).

See how they have cleverly mixed the colors together to make it look like a completely different lamp? Uber cool if you ask me. If retro or geeky is more your wish, then the Pacman light caps and the RSS icon lampshade would cater to your needs.Otherwise, you can learn how to make an Origami lampshade as well.