The Wizz Banger is a Golf Club You Can Pee In


Ever tried to hit the ball towards the woods when the pressure got a wee bit irrepressible? No more! Introducing the Wizz Banger, which is the only golf club in the world which helps you relieve yourself.

The “shield ultimatum” (towel) protects your privacy while doing “it”. The handle of the club holds about ½ a lit; about twice the amount normally urinated. Also, in the privacy of the shield ultimatum, your hands are free to direct your “merchandise” to the right spot (because, no one wants to see it dripping, right?). The cap has a triple sealing layer, which helps to hold the “matter” in airtight conditions without any leakage (again, no one wants to smell it!). Empty the club at your nearest restroom or home. The Wizz Banger is available for 35$ from Stupidiotic. Hope the worth of this product is not as idiotic as its purpose.

Still, it couldn’t be that stupid, for other pee-inspired products have been previously introduced, such as the pee charged batteries and even the funny Super Pii Pii Brothers parody game.Overall, this could make a great Golf Club as a Father’s Day gift.