Light up Your Parties with LED Lit Ice Buckets


If you’ve ever thrown a party (and we’ll also count the ones you crashed) then you know just how important the bar area is at any party, in fact, a gathering becomes a party only when there is booze flowing freely everywhere. The dim witted and the potheads might need a little help pointing out where the drinks are, though, and it would be so very uncool to put up a sign.


What you need are ice buckets that magically light up, showing the way for those who are still wandering in the dark shadows. The LED Color Changing Ice Buckets can jazz up any party, and how! These ice buckets will hold the drink of your preference, even if it is a non-alcoholic and boring Coke, while emitting different colors in a psychedelic hue. With these uber cool ice buckets, you only need some music to turn your room into a disco.


Each bucket is priced at $68 and includes a remote control with which you can set the color tone, intensity and speed of color change. If you’re the type to throw the kind of parties that start on a Friday and show no signs of ending on Sunday, then these buckets will fit right in. With 25,000 hours of light emission, your booze can bask in the glory of all the rainbow colors for days on end.


Additional ice party treats can be found as well, such as Pi Symbol ice trays, Tetris ice blocks, or even little Space Invaders ice cubes.

Via: GadgetsAlerts