Periodic Table Shower Curtain Helps to Know Your Elements!


Well this one is for the young geeks who still have to appear exams in between gaming sessions, where they can put one of this geeky Periodic Table Shower Curtain in the bathroom and memorize all the elements and their classifications. Others interested in knowing basic elements of the earth and universe can use them too.

It would therapeutic for depressed souls too who have to pop pills for that chemical imbalance that triggers depression, anxiety. After all it is a good reminder that everything can be reduced to basic chemistry and elements. Even emotions are all about chemical reactions. So Periodic Table and elements therein are the true basis of our lives; right from nuclear reactions to chips which make modern gadgets possible.


All science and chemistry students will surely buy Periodic Table Shower Curtain which costs mere $29.99 at In fact they can also try Video Games Characters in the Periodic Table of Elements. Also other geeks will love to hang one of those in their bathrooms to display their geeky elements. After all this goes one step beyond RSS Icon Pillows and other geeky designs for home interior.