Samurai Armour Underwear for Present Day Warriors


Samurais, the Japanese warriors, practiced genre of battling that became famous as an art form and Shrouded in mystery and stealth, these warriors are admired as much as they are feared. If you’re the naughty type, though, you’re probably wondering about what lies beneath their clothes instead of their fighting style.

Japan is apparently experiencing a revival in the interest in their history and a lot of youngsters, especially women, happen to be visiting historical bookstores to learn more about the Sengoku period and its warriors. You know what happens when young girls start taking an interest in men, though; naughty thoughts start flying!


Perhaps, that’s the reason why SIDO brought out a new line of Samurai style underwear which has become a great hit with the ladies. Funnily, the underwear is aimed at men but women are supposedly buying it for their better halves. I’m not too sure if this may be true, who’s to say the girls aren’t wearing this under their short skirts?!

The Samurai underwear is available in 10 different designs and will protect your precious assets at the high price of $100 a pair. This might sound a bit extravagant but they do look quite good, a true blend of the past with the modern, and would make any man feel like a mysterious and sexy warrior. If these are too much for you, then check out the iPhone Panties or even the underwear purses that are sure to be a little more in the hilarious side.

These are available in various sizes and designs at Japan Trend Shop.

Via: InventorSpot Via: Sido Collection