Transformers Bumblebee Life Size Replica


Everyone loves Autobots and hates the evil Decepticons and people go to extreme lengths to prove their allegiance and love towards the heroic Autobots. If you are also a Transformers fan, you would most certainly be liking the Autobots as well. Autobot Scout Bumblebee would be especially happy to know that Earthlings are going to such extents to show that we all love him so much. He might actually fight with the Decepticons with renewed zest and energy!

Tom Rhodes from Lemoore, California seems to love his Autobots a tad too much and thus he decided to build his own ode to the Bumblebee right in his front yard. A classic car aficionado, he bought himself a VW Bug and built an 18 feet replica of the Transformers bot. The guy however could not get himself a Camaro as originally depicted in the movie I guess. Nevertheless, he is sweet enough to let you visit him and stare at the Bumblebee Robot as long as you want.

If only the bumblebee robot was give a punch of life with the help of artificial intelligence or cognitive science, things would have been more interesting. Imagine having Bumblebee prancing up and don your garden to protect you from evil beings! If you do not have a yard or a garden, and would still like to show your admiration for Bumblebee, you could try getting yourself the Bumblebee PC Case Mod.

Via: DVICE Via: DailyStab