LightWedge Night Vision LED Book Light for Travelers


LightWedge Night Vision LED Book Light is an innovative customized design of LightWedge Original Booklights specially made for sailors, astronomers and pilots to provide an easier reading experience without waking others that may be within eyesight of you.

The red LED light illuminates the pages uniformly and helps in reading charts and maps in total darkness. In fact this can be used by geeky bookworms too who love to read in the night. The red light is extremely soothing for the eyes and the light doesn’t really spread beyond the page and hurt the eyes of the reader or disturb other people around.

The LightWedge LED booklight are the true reading lights and are more useful than the usual table lamps. They are portable, battery operated and when placed on the pages they just uniformly illuminate the prints and make night reading a true pleasurable experience. Each is only $45.89, with different models and colors available.


This Night Vision innovation will be useful for sailors, astronomers and pilots who need to consult charts and maps while navigating in the dark. Red light doesn’t really illuminate the darkness around like the white light. It can be used along with Night Vision Goggles with which one can see far in to darkness.

One can really hide in the dark and read comfortably in night vision lights. And if one wants to read something on the sly no need to hide under the bed or blankets with torch lights or table lamps, use LightWedge Night Vision LED Bookcase instead!

One thought on “LightWedge Night Vision LED Book Light for Travelers

  1. Lisa Harrigan.

    Actually, Red Light is used because it doesn’t ruin dark adapted eyes. If you get your eyes adjusted for seeing in the dark – people who do this – sailors, astronomers, pilots – so that your eyes can actually catch the faint light of True Night, you want to keep them that way. Red light doesn’t trigger your eyes into thinking the sun is up and should switch to Bright Light Vision.
    So for them it is Real Nifty.
    For the rest of us – ever get blinded by that weak little light bulb after you got your eyes all comfy in the dark? Yeah, this Red Light Reader will prevent that too.
    Your roommate will thank you.
    Me? I got myself a Red Light Flashlight years ago at my astronomy shop. Not as fancy, but the result is pretty much the same.


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