Pimp Star IP LED Watch Even James Bond Would Love!


Seemingly jumping out from a James Bond movie, this is what the new “Star Performer IP Black” LED watch is all about and very much like its name suggests, it virtually brings the stars right on to your watch!

Yes folks this is it, a brand new LED watch brought to you by TokyoFlash. Made from solid stainless steel and a mineral crystal lens, which actually makes those LED’s come to life on your screen, and it has a statement of its own.

Even James Bond would crave for one!!!

The watch has a sleek and stylish design with an amazing display. It has four icons which indicate the mode, namely: the clock, sun, $ and a martini glass. The clock, as obvious shows the time while the sun represents the day and the date, the martini glass on the other hand has a quite unique function as it shows the night time (the usual time to drink and party), while the $ shows the year and reminds you to make money year after year.

In short the Japanese pulled off a good one this time, and they created a watch which actually is a head turner in itself.


But the most amazing feature is yet to come, the watch has a light-up feature which animates once a minute from 7.pm to 1.am, a feature that cannot be turned off. Finally the watch comes in four color schemes: white, orange, blue or multi-colored LED. So all those “night kids” out there make sure to “light” the “night” with your new L.E.D watches brought to you and exclusively available only at TokyoFlash.