Jud Turner Designs Animal Themed Bicycle


We have featured Jud Turner a number of times and he needs no introduction, and tThis time around, he has created a cycle that is part of his animal/human/machine hybrids. The Canis Cyclus was inspired by the position a cat adopts when it stretches itself in the morning. Cats usually have the tendency to stretch their bodies after a nice long map. Jud later found out that the replica of a cat’s skull did not work out well aesthetically and he thus used a dire wolf’s skull.

Luckily for him, even dogs stretch themselves in the same way as you can see in the picture and the cycle was thus christened Canis Cyclus. It might prove to be a little difficult to ride this bike but I am sure you would grab all the attention you would ever need with a bike like this. The Canis Cyclus costs $3,600 and is quite an expensive bike to be bought. The metallic body of the bike almost gives it a steampunk look and that’s what makes it seem so cool.


Jud Turner usually explores themes of human dichotomies and his Tribute to the Fallen Skater is one such work of art that depicts this. R-Evolve is one of his other sculptures that is more adventurous and striking to look at. It would be interesting to wait and watch what he would design next, as this guy is full of surprises!