Command USB Flash Drives: A Brave Attempt!

command-flash-shift-flash-driveA 3-inch data device that once had an out and out utilitarian image is now the favorite experiment of designers, as we have seen USB flash drives in the weirdest of shapes, and we have also seen them in the most gobsmacking cloaks. And then, there is an occasional design that you would have a tough time categorizing. You can’t be blamed for that, especially when keys on your computer keyboard serve as the inspiration for this distinctive flash drive creation.


One wouldn’t expect a million heads to turn and take a closer look, but there is a compelling belief that a sizeable chunk of the USB owning population wouldn’t mind carrying these ‘backspace’ and ‘shift’ flash drives around. Of course, it is debatable if it’s worth flaunting. The Command Flash USB designs come in 2GB capacities, with an option to beef up the storage by getting in touch with the creator. While doing so, it wouldn’t be a bad idea suggesting better plastic and finish for these drives.


Via: 7gadgets and Etsy