The Graflex 3 Cell Lightsaber: A Steampunk Oddball!


Trust art collectors and the bunch of hallucinated souls catering to their eccentric tastes to transform an intimidating, elegant combat weapon like a Star Wars lightsaber into a harmless chunk of metal and leather! And trust them to market it as a fine Steampunk design. Despite the lack of bite, don’t be surprised if impressionable Star Wars groupies take the Graflex 3 Cell Lightsaber bait.

For one, we can’t help admitting that there aren’t conspicuous flaws in the design, thanks to some neat metal work by the creators. Buffed in steel, the solid brushed brass lightsaber has done a lot of justice to its ‘true’ cousins (the ones brandished by Skywalker and his nemesis with oodles of grace). The leather grip certainly completes the replication. No rude shocks on the nozzle front either. We were half-expecting to find a stub, but ended up finding a smooth ¾-inch blade holder. The Graflex team claims this nozzle is the origin for a steady electrosteam pulse. We are, though, not quite convinced that there could be anything but an occasional stream of dust rolling out of this oddball Steampunk lightsaber.



Via: Gizmowatch