Cool 4th of July Barbeque Gadgets for this Independence Day

Happy 4th of July to everyone, and we hope you all will have a great day off celebrating this Independence Day no matter if you have an indoor or outdoor event planned with your family and friends.

So your cooking time will be more enjoyable, we wanted to introduce a bunch of great Barbeque Gadgets to make this important time even better. Some of these cool barbeque gadgets for Fourth of July are actually for cooking and a few are some spinoffs for major chefs to enjoy in other recreational activities such as going to the beach, practical office work (not so recreational) and more.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we did and have a safe and exciting Independence Day. Happy 4th of July from Walyou!

Remote Thermometer Monitor


For the major Barbeque chefs, this great Remote Thermometer allows to monitor the temperature of your meat and steaks from up to 100′ away. It sure beats getting tan from the flames on Independence day. This cool Barbeque gadgets runs for only $49.95 and could be used for many different cooking exhibitions.

Cordless LED Grill Light


This is a great cordless light for your Barbeque, so if your party goes on through to Sunday, the cooking does not have to stop. It runs for only $49.95 and grabs on to any spare part of your grill.

Barbeque Branding Iron


Personalize your steak with your own branding Iron with individual initials, cooking criteria or just have fun branding it with the different characters available for only $58.95 in a hefty barbeque gadget.

Patio Fireplace, Grill and Smoker


Whichever way you decide to cook your meat this 4th of July, this outdoor Patio cooker provides a fireplace for some fun and also a great grill and smoker in one complete piece. It is a tad high at $499.95, but then again, it is a piece of work for Barbeque enthusiasts.

Electric Convection Grill


An amazing Electric Convection Grill that can be taken anywhere, making for great mobile barbeque cooking. It can be set up outdoor or indoors and sears, roasts and bakes to perfection. With the price of $549.95 you are getting a heavy duty Barbeque grill that will last way beyond one Fourth of July meetup.

Butter Boy and Girl


These are two unique Barbeque Gadgets that are aimed at keeping your hands clean when buttering corn and other food items. The only difference between the two is that the Boy is Green and the Girl is Pink. each costs only $7.99 and could be a really practical use for chefs.


Butter Baby Corn Picks


Additional member of the butter family, this are cute corn picks to help you hold the corn and get the most out of your family meal. The set of four runs for $9.99 and is also a colorful kitchen gadget.

Laser Meat Thermometer


Great chefs know how important it is to cooking with the right temperature, and this laser meat thermometer could help do the trick when needed. With a fast and accurate reading, this cool gadget costs $88 and is a sure thing for meat enthusiasts.

LCD Meat Fork


Another form to readout the temperature of the meat you are cooking which is an LCD display on a simple to use fork. For Barbeque beginners or hobbyists, this is less expensive at $22 and could still be practical enough.

More 4th of July Gadgets

The PS3 Grill


Maybe real or perhaps a well done hoax, but someone has modded a Playstation 3 to become a working grill. I am fairly certain it is both more expensive and not as practical as having a professional Barbeque to use for cooking, but everyone has their little things that make them happy, and this PS3 Mod probably made someone overjoyed.



BBQ USB Flash Drive


Are you such a meat lover that you want to have a piece of steak with you all day long? This cool BBQ USB Flash drive is a great choice, so you could have a practical disk-on-key and also have a well cooked piece of steak always within reach. Best thing is that it goes for only $10 for a 2GB version.

Barbeque Grill Towel


Not all enjoy a good steak on 4th of July and this could be because you are Vegetarians or would rather go to the beach. Either or, this is a beach towel that brings the grill to the beachside that has you lie down on the grill like a slab of steak. Better yet, it is only $14.99, making for an inexpensive Independence Day gadget that could be used throughout the Summer.

Luxury Director’s Chair


Whether you are on the sidelines or need a comfortable rest away from the Barbeque grill, this cool director’s chair is fancy enough for anyone. It folds neatly and could help you get just the right posture to direct a perfect Fourth of July event. Its price is $136.