PacMan and Space Invaders are Taking Over Mini Cooper

If you always loved the Mini Cooper and the old school video games such as Pacman and Space Invaders, then Matt W Moore, an artist from Portland, might have just found the perfect way to blend both the classics together into one cool piece of art.

Pac-man and Space Invaders areTaking Over Mini Coopers; Better Watch Out1

Matt has been designing the classic Mini Cooper with some really cool graphics from the old time favorites: Pacman and Space Invaders. Believe me guys this is one threesome you don’t wanna miss! for those of you who don’t want to let go of your childhood’s nerdy side over to your classic Mini Cooper, this might just be the solution.

Pac-Man and Space Invaders are Taking Over Mini Coopers; Better Watch Out2

I can’t find a better way to put this, a car with a classic but  a hint of a “Packy and Spacy” feeling to it. Nothing more to say about this classical beauty with a slight twist of gaming, see it for yourselves!

Via: Gizmodiva

7 thoughts on “PacMan and Space Invaders are Taking Over Mini Cooper

  1. john T.

    Don’t like it. The full wrap feels more like an ad graphic than a design. I would keep it monochrome B/W on certain area of the car….less is more.

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