A PlayStation Themed iPhone Case that Just Bit it’s Way into Apple

To bring the Gamers and the Geeks together, now presented to you for the first time is a Playstation themed iPhone case that sure will make gamers appreciate Apple a little more.

iphone case playstation theme

The popular Apple iPhone is finally in the hands of most of us. Many have already started looking for software updates and add-on’s but this one accessory might just be as necessary as any of those add-on’s. Out of the huge share of iPhone cases already available in market, rarely have I seen any case that’s so wonderful and cute. The PlayStation themed iPhone case probably outshines all other iPhone cases available in market.

Totally hand-crafted using the best possible materials so as not to damage your precious possession, this cutie is available for $20 and guess what? you also get a PlayStation controller as an add-on accessory priced at 7$. Although the prices may seem a bit high but then again you usually don’t get such adorable cases every now and then!.

playstation theme iphone case

So all those proud iPhone owners, who still don’t want to let go of their PlayStations, be sure to buy one of these and show off  both of your cool gadgets at once!. I say, we all have a Playstation at our houses, don’t we? so this case will remind what we gotta do once we’re home!

Via: Kotaku Via: Gizmodo