New Transformers Take Over Jenga!

transformers-take-over-jenga_1Playing jenga has always been a time-pass activity and with the Transformers trademark making it’s way into this game, the fans are definitely going to feel treated by the merchandise. as this new Jenga game.

Yes, the transformers have taken over Jenga now. With original patented logos of the all friendly and good Autobots and the born evil Decepticons on the jenga blocks, there is an altogether novelty factor in the game. Now, you will be able to control your customized Cybertron (the game!) sitting in the homely comfort of your sofa and pull some blocks out there. The rules are still the same, but, the game is more fun. The black color surely jazzes the whole thing up.

The game is available for a steep price of $17.99. It’s a known fact that hardcore fans would shell out almost anything, but such high prices for a simple game like jenga is a not gonna work in the favor of the Transformers brand.

If you still don’t have enough of your Transformers addiction, then the Transformers Cufflinks may help you get over it.