Tetris Wall Shelves to Fill up your Empty Walls

cool tetris furniture shelves

If you are looking for cool and the most outrageous wall shelves, then Brave Space Design might have the perfect thing for you with the all new Tetrad Flat Shelving, a modular light weight shelving solution which consists of 10 separate wooden sides and colored metal backings making for great Tetris Furniture Design.

This new Tetris design promises to make the task of putting up shelves in your new home more fun and exciting!. And yes! the bottom line never disappears when you happen to make a perfect configuration, cool thing!. These blocks can be arranged by attaching them one to another and put the whole unit onto the wall, or just left free floating to give the impression of a life-sized living room game play.

One can make a choice between White or Natural FinLand Plywood, and between White or Multi-Color for the backings. One can also download a printable Tetrad Designer and get their designs approved by all.

So all those armature interior designers get a hold of one of these and flaunt your skills out to the world. This is so simple and effective that it could be built by almost anyone! and if you are out of ideas, you know whom to consult; that’s right your classic, old and humble game- Tetris.