The Funniest and Geekiest Geeks Collection from the 80’s

funny nerd playing keyboard

Here at Walyou we have many posts about Cool Gadgets for Geeks, designs that Geeks would love and many bizarre items that only Geeks could really appreciate, but we never just gave Geeks a true representation.

funny geek in a car

It is a good thing our friends at The Chive took it upon themselves to create the Geekiest collection of 31 different photos showing people act a certain way, thinking they aren’t really Geeks.

funny nerd bicycle

Yes, back in the 80’s Geeks were given a different name: Rad, but we still know what they are. So here are a few images of the most hilarious collection, but to really appreciate it, you should take a look at all of them and see if you could choose a favorite Geek. Warning…it won’t be easy.

Via: TheChive