Battleship Drinking Game Player Rewards Losers!

battleship game drinking game

Some may fancy uncorking a bottle of champagne when actually losing, and if you wish to celebrate your loss without being the subject of ridicule, we suggest you pick the Battleship Drinking Game. It does take a generous dose of lateral thinking to conceptualize and build a game that cocks a snook at conventional wisdom.

Take the drinking game player for example: it actually punishes you by offering you a shot of wine every time you end up on the losing side. If your taste buds aren’t averse to spirit, it makes more sense calling it a reward instead!

new battleship drinking game
The Battleship Drinking Game is a naval war game that whets your battleship game skills. Mauricio a.k.a Tony Harion from Brazil, the designer of this interesting innovation, certainly believes in moral victories. This reason aside, we fail to see why Tony favors the losing underdog when history has always raised a toast to the triumphant. For now, we ignore lame reasoning and head to the nearest store because a birdie tells us wine shots are being offered for free.

cool battleship game for drinking

This is an extremely innovative drinking game, unlike the simple ones we seen before such as the Poolside beer pong, beer bong game or the actual drinking gun gadget.

battleship game box for drinking games

Via: Inewidea and Gizmodo