Google Announces the Google Chrome OS for Mid 2010

google chrome os

Google has just introduced the new Google Chrome OS on their official Blog, stating it is in the works and should begin actual release in the 2nd half of 2010, providing a new competition for Windows and other Operating Systems. Google Chrome Operating System will be an open source project, which is a lightweight system aimed at netbooks in the beginning but will make its way to larger actual desktops as well.

The three main things Google Chrome OS is envisioning is a quick launch, simple use and great security features. As in Speed, it hopes to start up quickly and get consumers on to the web in just a few seconds. Simplicity means it will have an easy to use interface as most net users have already gotten accustomed to with the variety of Google products along with the actual OS being mostly over the web. As in security, just like the Google Chrome Browser, Google has stated they are interested in completely redesigning the security architecture, so individuals won’t have to worry about Viruses, Malware and tedious security updates.

The new Operating System by Google Chrome will run both on x86 as well as ARM chips and are already hoping to have several netbooks available in the market next year with the new Google Operating System.

As they explain, Google Chrome OS will run over a Linux kernel and provide the web as a platform for continuous app development. As applications are introduced, they will not be available for only the Google OS but will also function on Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

With Google Andoid also getting headway, there will be a few overlaps between the Operating System and Android, but they are two separate projects and aimed at two different individuals: Google Android for devices and netbooks, Google Chrome OS for those spending most time on the actual Web.

Google has also provided a little insight for such a new and exciting decision as the new OS. Based on feedback from users, they understood that people are looking to work on their computers and not waste time waiting for a computer to start or boot up. In addition, individuals want their computers to simply work better and remain as quick as when first purchased.

This new annoucement from Google about the new Google Chrome OS is an exciting one, and when I first heard it, I looked to see if it was April 1st, for they are keen on playing tricks when appropriate. Still, they do understand a lot of work is ahead of them and will keep Web users updated with developments and ideas.