Geeky Star Wars Yoda Cake is for a Birthday in a Galaxy Far Away

star wars yoda cake

Yoda from Star Wars is usually the reserved Jedi that likes to stay away from the spotlight, but unfortunately, both in the movies and especially in this geeky Yoda cake…he is larger than life.

Any Star Wars fan would love to celebrate his Jedi birthday years with a Yoda cake with green frosting and deep thought. But no matter how much you love the little green dude, you probably wouldn’t be able to resist and take a good old piece to feed your sweet tooth.

This is not the first time that Yoda had a connection with food items; we seen him last Christmas in a Star Wars nutcraker set and his famous face was also spotted on a Yoda Pumpkin. Still, this Yoda cake version is edible by itself, and you wouldn’t need too much force to get yourself to dig in.

yoda star wars cake

Gemsugar Via: Craziest Gadgets