Pacman Bandages Designed To Cure Your Boo-Boo’s

cool pacman bandagesOff lately, Pacman seems to be taking over anything and everything in the market, such as  Pacman wall stickers, Pacman mugs, and even Pacman cars, as a Good Samaritan would always do. Whether you are feeling threatened by those ghostly “Eat-me” enemies of his or even when you are hurt and have a small boo boo on your finger. Yeah, you have the correct hint; the Pacman merchandise has also been made available as bandages.

I think the Pacman brand can’t have enough of itself. Bandages!? Anyways, these graphic bandages function exactly the same way our normal bandages do (what did you think? Pacman would come out to clean your boo boo?) and are made up of latex rubber (caution – may cause allergies). The bandages are available in three different graphics in a set of 5 bandages each set. A tin will set you back by almost $3.99, which, according to me is quite a high a price for a few (15, to be precise) bandages, am I right?