A Pink Sun Jar That’ll Capture the Sun for You!

Long gone are the days when people said that only the moon would shine upon you at nights and not the sun, this new gadget promises you that it will make the sun shine bright at night as well, not the sun exactly but definitely it’s energy would radiate upon you. The new Pink Sun Jar is our same old mason’s jar but coming with a slight tang of technology.sunlight jar is hot pink

This jar is made up of the same material as the good old mason’s jar but fitted with an hi-tech energy efficient lighting circuit. Compressed inside are a solar cell, a rechargeable battery and low energy LED lamps. When the jar is placed in sunlight for a few hours the solar cell drives an electric current which charges the battery which in turn powers the three LED lamps inside.

The light produced is diffused by the frosted jar giving off a hot pink glow, quite resembling the effect of a candle placed in a frosted jar. To make things realistic only warm coloured LEDs are used to give a more natural and warm feeling to it. Furthermore a light sensor is placed inside as well, this ensures that when it gets dark or the lights are turned off our Sun-Jar would illuminate on itself; kind of a cool feeling to it.

So make sure to ‘light the night’ with your new Sun Jars, which run for only $39.99.