The Retro USB Fan: No More Sweating At The Computer Table


Its not uncommon for those computer geeks to sweat it out while being hooked onto their power packed machines, so it’s time now that you say “good-bye” to all that sticky sweat; welcome a new bureaucrat onto your plush computer table, a USB powered retro table fan.

This cool “new” antique fan gets you the breeze and some much needed style when you play those mind boggling games of yours. What’s more? This USB fan also doubles up as a funky 3-port USB 1.1 hub. This table fan from the seventies is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS. This simply plug and play device, with dimensions of 6” tall x 4” wide, is up for grabs from the Kid for a reasonable sum of $14.99 per piece. And even if you don’t fancy the 3-port USB hub, there will always be the modish fan to keep you cool, what say?

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