Pocket Urinal For Emergencies

pocket size urinal As the rhyme goes, you can get it here, there or almost anywhere and many a times an occasion arrives where in you have the strongest urge to pee, but don’t have the slightest smidgen of some will power (or physical control) to manage it, am I right? May be an almost similar occasion must have tempted TravelJohn to create a pocket urinal. This piece of uniqueness is surely a boon to mankind I say.

portable urinals

With its exclusive technology this pocket urinal has the ability to convert the foul smelling liquid into an odorless gel that can be carried around in your pockets without any hesitation and can be disposed as you get a chance to do so. The “bag within bag” design is made up of biodegradable substance so that those eco-friendly guys out there won’t have anything to complain about.

pocket urinal bag

Its capacity is around 800 cc of urine – which can be reused till its full – citing it a perfect thing to be packed when traveling to the country side. The dimension of an unfolded bag is about 5″ x 11″ & that a folded is about 2″ x 2″ x 5″ with its weight is about 1.5 oz. before use; which make it perfect even to be carried around in your pockets. This emergency pocket urinal is available in a pack of 6 bags for a sum of $11.90. I know that public urinals are way to cheaper, but, think again; you don’t get a public urinal when you need it the most, do you?

Via: Dvice