An Underwater Digital Camera Swim Mask

underwater digital camera mask

Yes it is exactly what the title says, an underwater digital camera integrated into a swim mask, and now you may think, ‘sure they can have such gadgets and make them look good, but do they really work?’ well, that’s what I thought when i saw it first saw it. But looks like this Swim mask is a real functional mask. It is a 5MP camera, which can work up to a depth of 15′ with the capability of taking 30 high resolution pictures. Now isn’t that a great deal.

underwater digital camera photos

I took a look at how easy it is to handle the mask and swim at the same time, as compared to using an underwater digital camera which keeps your hands occupied while taking photographs. I am gonna get to it, and recommend it to my friends who are into snorkelling and diving. It is definitely handy for those short dives. If you are looking for more specifications or purchase, visit Hammacher.

Here is a peek to how you will look underwater while wearing the Digital Camera incorporated Swim mask. Take a look…

underwater digital camera images

If you are looking to do it yourself, then check out the Underwater Video Camera DIY…it surely will make you smile.