Fire LED Watch To Burn Your Enemy With Envy

fire led tokyoflash watchTokyoflash has always been quite coup in making that enemy in your group covet, hasn’t it?, and with the introduction of “Fire” in its range of cool products….eh, better take them as “hot” products, it promises to make those envious stares burn to flames.

multicolored led watch design from tokyoflash

Vertical face dial is nothing new; but, a vertical dial so smartly made is definitely something to watch out for. And with its trademark LED activated time display, the cool quotient of this watch is sky rocketing. As always, you have to touch the upper button for the watch to show the time; which it does, but, only after a second of some LED animation (the LED form an outgoing X-shape), and then tells you the time in a somewhat awkward manner. The two LED’s peeking through the uniquely drilled holes on that stainless steel polished surface represent a unit time; wherein, the yellow LED is for hours, red for a gap of ten minutes and green for a minute. Counting the LED’s is what you need to know the time. Anyways, you gotta check this PDF file for full instruction manual and information regarding time reading on this funky gadget.

cool led watch from tokyoflash

This black strapped watch with multicolored LED display & with dimensions of 30 mm x 45 mm x 7 mm, weighing of about 50 gm is 3ATM water-proof and up for grabs with a price tag of $94.11. If you want a wider selection, check out Tokyoflash for the different amazing and innovative LED watch designs.