Qwerty Keyboard Magnets For Romantic Geeks

qwerty keyboard magnetsAlthough geeks are quite…. geeky, but, even they, like me, have a heart that beats for that someone special, don’t they? So, how do they make sure to give that someone a special place on their table? Do they use computer programs? – No, they aren’t always reliable. Do they use sticky notes? Even they may fall off easily. Then what do they do? They can use these alphabet computer keyboard magnets made from a discarded keyboard.

computer keyboard qwerty magnetsThese Qwerty Magnets are as geeky as they can get, but, at the same time they are lovably romantic. The used keyboard also makes sure there is no harm done to our beloved mother nature in the process. Available in phrases denoting the most quixotic “Love U” and “Miss U”, these magnets are sure to catch that lady love’s notice. Available from Inewidea, these magnets are up for grabs for a price tag of 4.95?, making the money worth the love you will be showered when you show your love these cheeky magnets.

qwerty keyboard key magnets

Firebox Via: INewIdea