Mark Footprints with Interactive LED dots Tiles!

interactive led floor

LED-dots tiled floor and lights come alive to mark the footprints as one treads on them and on top of it the color of the lights will vary as weight of the person – quite a novel imaginative concept indeed.

It would be real fun to tile kids play room with these tiles or maybe even tile lounge or discotheque flooring with such LED glowing lights and see amazing patterns of footprints come alive. In fact this has utilitarian side too. One can even tile museums or banks and let LED-dots capture the footprints of people who sneak in.

And if these are meant to be for geek homes then there should be a timer for these glowing lights. It would eerie to be followed by one’s own glowing foot print in the middle of dark night. And for weight-watchers the change of color of LED-dots would reveal if they are over or under weight!

LED lights are real fun to play with and let imagination run wild to create such innovative home-décor. Check out the Electric Candle LED Light or LED Blow On/Off Candle Lamp.  LED-dots tiles will surely find many buyers if novel idea translates into real floor tiles.

LED Emotionalize Via HomeTone