Darth Vader Toaster for your Star Wars Breakfast

star wars darth vader toasterAs a good advice would be given to you, breakfast is the meal that you can always count on for proper flow of “force” throughout the day; and this rule of good health abides to one and all; even to the Sith Lord himself – The Darth Vader. And whose doesn’t savor those yummy, crunchy toasts laden with butter for the breakfasts?

Star Wars Shop has been launching several products to increase its fan base by reaching out to all age groups; and with this new entity in it’s already loaded stores, it sure will be succeeding in the mission. Complete with the patented “Star Wars” logo, this toaster in black glossy finish is something that the star wars fans must really be keeping in their kitchens. With multiple functions like toasting your piece of bread from frozen state to just reheating it and branding your toasts with the Darth Vader helmet (yes, the toaster brands your toasts pretty perfectly), this toaster allows to manually control on how well done you want the bread to be. Available with a price tag of $55, this thing will definitely burn a hole in your pocket, but, die-hard fans won’t mind that; given the branding job of the toaster, will they? I just hope that this gadget doesn’t require us to possess “The Force” to make it work.

And if you still aren’t able to get over your Darth and Star wars craze then you might give look at the Darth Vader USB hub and if you are not that evil and want something cute and kiddish then Star Wars Mighty Muggs and Star Wars Kokeshi Dolls are something that you just might grab your hands on.