Cool R2D2 Toilet Paper Dispenser Helps Star Wars Geeks in the Bathroom

Our favorite robot from the Star Wars is once again on a new mission, this time to assist humans in their early morning private time inside the toilet. The new form given to R2D2 this time is a soft and cozy toilet paper dispenser. You got it right, presenting R2D2 in his new avatar- the handy toilet paper dispenser.

star wars r2d2 tilet paper dispenser

Some really crazy guys from Japan had this idea and then converted it into reality, after looking at the various things these guys come up with who knows what they might come up with next time, maybe a new Anime or Manga gadget just to feature the various forms into which they have transformed R2D2.

Anyway, this toilet paper dispenser is sure to be like nothing ever created before, referring to the old metallic or plastic ones this one is like a million galaxies ahead. If you are too embarrassed to use him in your toilet (which, as I have described earlier is highly degrading for a cool character like him) you can use him as a tissue dispenser in your car or on your table, which is far better than the original purpose it was designed for.

So all those Star Wars fans out there  might really want to have one of these as it reminds mankind to be clean and tidy. Hope mankind responds kindly to R2D2’s environment and eco-friendly mission and protect our planet from doom. Along with the R2D2 Trashcan, it makes a perfect geeky bathroom product.

Via: Topless Robot