REW Mini Cassette Tape Keeps Your Earphones Tangle-Free

Whether you are having problems with tangled earphone cords, the new REW Mini Cassette Tape is just made for that specific purpose, as it helps us to keep our earphone cords tangle free.keep earphones untangled mini cassette tape

Many of us face a lot of problems in untangling the earphone cords of our MP3 players or iPods. Cords are very easily tangled if kept in a pocket or a purse, and the task of untangling these cords is also very frustrating as it takes a lot of time and effort; also we stand the risk of damaging the earphones if we show too much force. This cool gadget is the perfect solution for our needs, for it keeps our cords from getting all messed up and at the same time is very small in size which makes it very portable considering the average size of pockets. The REW Mini Cassette Tape as it’s name suggests is in the shape of a retro mini cassette which looks pretty cool and stays very much to the musical theme.

So it’s bye-bye to all that pain with tangled cords and hello to a very convenient way to store your earphone cords without getting them all tangled up! This gadget is a sure savior to all those who lost their earphones owing to tangled cords.

Via: Nerd Approved