Star Wars Uncut, Darth Vader Lamp Chops, the Real Charlie Brown [Random Roundup]

This random roundup consists of cool links from around the web including the Star Wars Uncut project, Darth Vader, Guitar Wacom, Charlie Brown, Brad Pitt, Hotel Beds, iPhone Cases, NES Controller, Bill Cosby, Jell O Head, Condom Dress and more.

charlie brown image real

Enjoy the posts and Have a Great Weekend!

Random Posts Worth Checking:

1. Star Wars Uncut

2. Darth Vader Lamb Chops by Andreas Heim

3. La Guitare à Crayon: Wacom meets acoustic guitar

4. Run Snoopy, Run!: Nightmarish Charlie Brown

5. Brad Pitt Wears Bluetooth, Still Manages to Look Cool

6. The Art of Hotel Bed Jumping

7. NES Controller iPhone Case

8. Internet Songbirds – Dan Talevski

8. Jell-O Head of Bill Cosby

9. Just Left Home

10. Freaky Yet Sexy Condom Dress