A Portable GPS Homing Device

portable gps homing device

The GPS –  Global Positioning System technology has made life a lot more simpler for so many of us, and most of the hi-tech devices now-a-days come with GPS incorporated into them. The simplicity of this technology to locate anything is the key to its usage in every new gadget.

This stand alone GPS homing device is about the size of your average cool coaster and can be carried around anywhere you go. It has the capacity to save three points on memory including your start point, and is a very user friendly gadget since it has only two buttons, one for power and the other to set your points. It has a high accuracy value of about 5 yards and shows the distance in yards, miles, kilometers, or meters.

This is one of those gadgets ‘good to have’ gadgets that might come in handy any time. Whether you are visiting a new place and need to remember your way, whether you want to visit a specific spot at the beach or in the forest every time, or to locate your car in the huge car park, this GPS homing device will take you home! It is available at Hammacher for only $79.95.