Bacon Scented Soap Bars

bacon soap bar

While getting ready to eat your Bacon and Eggs breakfast, there is nothing better than taking a morning shower and getting refreshed with Bacon Soap Bar and the smell of Bacon all over your skin.

The Bacon soap is another one of those Bacon items that will make some All American individuals extremely excited. Not only does it provide the smell of Bacon in the shower, but it is colored like the Bacon strips many love and gets rid of the grease of your body.

This Bacon accessory costs $5.95 and must come with a note that warns the Bacon lovers that this is a Soap Bar and is not intended on eating similar to the Beer Soap. I do understand that some kids who are aware of this soap may think they are in for a treat like with the Bacon Skateboard if they curse in front of their parents and are told to wash their mouth out with soap.