Scarface Action Figure That Talks!

scarface movie action figureMany of us remember Tony Montana, for he was the cocaine addicted character from the critically acclaimed cult movie The Scarface which is popular even today. Now, it is time to relive the moments of the 1983 action film.

This near perfect replica of Al Pacino in his Tony Montana avatar sports a plush white tuxedo, which I think, surely makes him stand out in the crowd as the ultimate drug lord. The action figure also flaunts a cool rifle and a macho machine gun in his hands, which makes him the ultimate killer.

The 18” model of the Scarface is able to deliver some remarkable dialogues from the movie, the likes of which include ‘I’m Tony Montana, a political prisoner from Cuba.’ ‘All I have in this world is my balls and my word, and I don’t break ’em for no one, you understand?’ ‘Who do I trust?! Me!’ ‘I bury those cockroaches!’ ‘You want to go to war? We’ll take you to war, ok?’ ‘Say hello to my little friend!’ & ‘So say goodnight to the bad guy.’ But, at press times, all sayings were subject to change. The figure functions on 3 AAA size batteries which are included in the shipment. The hip action toy is at hand for a price of $55. The manufacturers of this product insist that this figure is recommended for children of ages 17 and above (tell them that 17 years are not children).

scarface tony montana action figure

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