Terminator Salvation Knife Replica Collectible

terminator salvation john connor knife

If the picture above caught your attention then you are definitely one of the biggest geeks of Hollywood movie collectibles, as I mean, look at it! It is just a sticker of the movie’s name stuck on to the box and the knife, which in itself is a not a great replica of John Connor’s knife in the movie Terminator Salvation.

Merchandising, and promotional items like these do not make any kind of impact. If anything had to be picked up from the movie, then i am sure all of us would agree it would be those amazingly slick, vrooming Terminator Salvation Motorcycle, hands down! Take a look…

terminator salvation motorcyclePutting this up as a promotional item in any way or form, which i am sure they have, would definitely have all the Terminator fans becoming collectors in no time. The knife replica is nothing short of a disappointment, even as a collectible, it looks nothing more than a high quality large sized plastic knife.

Via: Greatwhitesnark, Image: motorcyclenews