Gadgets Bacon Lunchbox Design Will Make Your Coworkers Jealous

Bacon Lunchbox Design Will Make Your Coworkers Jealous

bacon food lunchbox

As a lover of good Bacon products, there is nothing better to profess your loyalty to the greasy food as in this Bacon Lunchbox design that will surely make your coworkers jealous of you.

Just imagine coming to work and taking out your Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich out of a Bacon designed lunchbox. You can probably think of how many looks you will get of other employees wishing they had such a beautiful looking lunchbox to carry their food in.

Besides a fresh Bacon Tattoo, this is definitely not the first Bacon item to start your day with, for you can start with the Bacon soap to wash your skin in the morning and also a second wash after lunch.

The lunchbox alone runs for $19.99 and is not only a way to be next to Bacon all day long but is a useful day to day item nonetheless.


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