Bacon Scarf Has Little Flavor Yet Looks Appetizing!

bacon food scarf

Some products are designed with a concept in mind, some of them are designed by accident, and a few others are designed just for the heck of it and somebody dreams up a name for them and bingo…the concept is ready. First impressions can be totally misleading, especially when you have no message cues. So, when we stumbled upon this Bacon image, all we could think of was ‘haven’t we seen this multi-colored scarf before?’ Well, we were wrong, because this scarf is not just a commonplace winter wear. It is a ‘bacon scarf’, without the obvious culinary characteristics (of course, you can’t chew a fleece bacon, can you?).

The bacon scarf is made of recycled bottle fleece and is quite a decent buy for winter. At $38 (an additional $7 for shipping), the scarf can be an ideal alternative to bacon (remember the equation between calories and heat!). Psst…you can rest assured that the dogs won’t chase you around, since the creators have apparently forgotten the aroma and the flavor. Thank God for that!

If you rather have a geeky scarf, then the Guitar Hero controller scarf may be enough for you.

Product Via: Geekologie