Pacman Hat Will Chew your Head

All the Pacman fans have another reason to celebrate and commemorate one of the most popular game character in the history of gaming through the colorful and new Pacman Hat design. Adding to the never ending list of Pacman accessories is this new Pacman hat, framed exactly to resemble the cool coin eating gaming hero.

new pacman hat design

When worn, it appears as though our cute friend is just about to munch into our head! looking very weird in a way. The cool looking hat quite resembles the original character not to mention the bright banana-yellow color makes it stand out in any type of environment.

All the more this hat is very cosy and comfortable to wear. This might be the perfect thing for some out there, who obviously want to showcase their loyalty towards Pacman.


If there exists a Pacman cosplay (like most of the modern day games do) then this would definitely be one of the costumes getting the maximum screen time. Also, a cool way to use this new piece of outfit has just popped into my head, one could also wear this hat at a Halloween party and amaze all your friend by your head-eating Pacman hat.

Guess what soon you might be called the Mad Hatter of your locality by sporting this all exclusive Pac Man hat available for only $35.90, coming in two sizes 25cm and 30cm just right to fit all those with a medium size skull and the extremely large melon sized ones!

Via: NCX