Bernie Madoff Head Is A Stress-Reliever?

bernie madoff head

Hark animal headhunters…it’s time to move to the next level with the human head as the next prized possession and Bernie Madoff’s polyester fiberfill stuffed and his caricatured head will perhaps be the ideal way to kick-start this trend. Apparently, the maker (a corporate zombie) believes this bizarre toy is a stress reliever (stress-inducer is more like it!) that will also add some zing to your desktop. For a split second, we thought the head had its place on the wall.

If the appearance wasn’t scary enough, the creator has gone the extra mile to make sure you lose all your guests. Half a foot tall, the Bernie Madoff head guarantees gags, especially considering the fact that it has a squishy vinyl gel inside to gross you out. Well, you do have one way to come back home and relieve yourself of all the frustration. You can use the head as a punching bag or slam it hard on the wall. We’re sure that will lighten your mood – a reason to consider bringing Bernie home for $14.95, perhaps?

If you want to go another route for stress relief, check out the Sigmund Freud Stress Toy.

Via: Kleargear