Marie Louise is a Lamp

marie louise lamp design

Not only beautiful ladies should have nice names, and I guess that is what designer Buro Vormkrijgers was thinking that even beautiful designs can have good names and thus Marie Louise is a beautiful lamp design.

cool lamp design mary louise

Personally I think the name Mary and the word lamb just go together 🙂 Jokes aside, this beautiful creation that you would immediately fall for is made up of acrylic sheets and a fluorescent bulb running down the center of a conventional looking lamp, which would have never looked so attractive. It isn’t as threatening as the Gun Lamp, but is highly fascinating just the same.

It is available in different colors by changing the filters, according to your choice. If you took a good look at the picture then you can clearly see that there are two types of the this lamp, a plain one and an engraved one with designs on the lamp shade.

lamp design mary louise

Product Via: Ohgizmo