Friday the 13th Hockey Mask Makes a Spooky Wall-hanging

You probably remember Jason Voorhees from the horror movie Friday the 13th and his psychotic hockey mask in the film. Well then how about having his mask hung up in your living room? This is a realistic mask replica of the one worn in the film.friday the 13th mask

You might just want to keep this one in it’s box itself, the mask is cast directly from a film used prop giving it a highly original and ghostly feeling to it. This spine chilling mask is cast out of resin and is sure to be the closest to reality. This mask comes mounted on a wooden shadow-box with a Plexiglas cover, just to sure of you know what!.

This spooky piece of show is ready to be put up on any wall or placed in any shelf of every collector. For all those who have enough courage to actually buy one of these, you might need to know that you have to keep the box locked all the time and never attempt to put on the mask yourself.

So all those Friday the 13th freaks out there might really want to get their hands on one of these replicas, but they are only sold to people who potentially mean no harm to others and are just buying the piece to display it on their walls and in their shelves! They run for $139.99 and are worth every penny for major collectors.

The other freaky mask we seen before was of a Hellboy Mask which could make you look like the comic book superhero.