A UK Red Phonebooth Themed Cellphone

One of the many national symbols of the British also include their sparkling red colored phone booths, not to forget their other prominent symbols like the Queen, Buckingham palace, The British Bulldog and their overly perfect style of English. So some crazy British individual thought of actually portraying his loyalty to the Queen and the Country by creating this new mobile phone themed on the popular British phone booths.

cool cellphone uk red phonebooth

This crazy looking Cellphone design resembles the Red Phonebox from the UK. The cellphone is not just all looks, it sports a 65k color TFT screen, a camera, SMS, MMS, GPRS and WAP 2.0. Also featured are the early 90’s polyphonic style ring tones of which 20 are preloaded. Melodies include “God Save The Queen” and other such tunes.

red phonebooth cellphone design

Thankfully the phone is unlocked (much resemblance to their style of government- Democratic) so any network can be compatible with the phone. Sadly the phone is priced extremely high, at each piece costing about 86 pounds that equals to about $132.44. This makes it an accessory for only the British aristocrats.

So all the loyal well wishers of the Queen and the country can show their patriotism towards their home land with the help of this new themed mobile phone. ” Long Live The Phone!, err.. I meant, The Queen!”

Via: GadgetVenue Via: TechChee